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Female to Male Body to Body Massage in Bangalore



If you want to give your partner the perfect definition of how erotic a massage can be, then consider a female to male body to body massage in Bangalore. Tantalizing and tantric, this body to body massage provided by a female is the perfect way to indicate how much you love your partner and cares for him. The best part of this massage is the sensual combination of skin to skin contact and touch will not only make your partner help relax but also make him writhe in anticipation.


Before you get down to knowing the benefits a body to body massage can provide you first need to understand what this massage is all about. In simple terms, a body to body massage is an interesting combination of a massage using your body and a full body massage using your hands. The unique thing about this massage is that you can get creative with it. For example, you may consider employing different body parts to provide the soothing and tantalizing effects to your partner. You’ll be glad to know that, in Bangalore, there are places where you can order this massage service from trained masseurs in your hotel room. This is over and above the services, you can expect from specialized massage centers that are spread across the city.


The idea of female to male body to body massage in Bangalore is not entirely a new one. In fact, this massage has been there through generations and has helped many to discover a new way to relax and erotize a lover.


How to perform this massage?

Before you start this massage on your partner, you and your beloved need to be relaxed, clean, and showered. What experts suggest is taking a hot and sensual long bath together. This is the perfect way to start the proceedings. What a hot and sensual bath will do is help your muscles relax and keep your skin clean and ready.


Massage oil holds importance in this type of massage as in others. Therefore, do not be surprised if you find your partner investing a lot on this aromatic commodity. Massage oil when heated lightly and applied on the skin will help relax muscles perfectly whilst facilitating the easy hand movements over the skin.


Once you and your partner are done with bathing and have massaging oil at your disposal, you are pretty much ready to start off with the whole thing.


To get the maximum out of a body to body massage, you need to be able to understand the sexual desires of your partner. When you’re able to understand this you can try to fulfill them through this simple but effective massage. Remember, if you and your partner haven’t been involved sexually off lately, then a body to body massage is the best way to share one of the most intimate moments together. On the other hand, if you and your partner have already been involved in sexual intimacy then this massage will increase it further and create a strong bond between two of you. Another way to make the massage session between the two of you successful is by asking some questions. For example, try identifying the area your partner is interested in and why he wants to have a body to body massage, etc. Once you’re done with this step; it is time to move onto the next one.


Female to male body to body massage in Bangalore can be both fun and enchanting experience for both individuals concerned. The next step is to find the perfect place to do this massage. If you’re engaged in the massage act at your home then the bedroom would be an ideal spot as both of you can share some intimate moments. Else, the next ideal place can be selected. However, if you have opted for this massage at a parlor in Bangalore or any massage center in the region then you can be sure of being allocated a special place to undergo this fulfilling experience. You then need to slip under covers as your partner will be doing the same to get one with the massage service.


Whether at home or in a massage parlor, expect this massage to be carried out using a warm lubricant or a jelly. These are sure to offer high success rate during your intimate moments. As your partner starts giving you an intimate massage, you too can start doing the same at the same time. Once both of you are ready, climb on top of your partner and start caressing their body using your body. While it is common for you to be on top of your partner while providing the massage services, allow your partner to enjoy some pleasures as well.


Given the intimate nature of the body to body massage, it is common that it may lead to intercourse or sexual foreplay. Ensure that both of you are ready for this kind of intimacy. If you want to be creative, you may consider trying out this massage elsewhere, like a bathtub. Only with a little experience, you’ll be an expert in providing this massage to your partner.

Benefits of female to male body to body massage in Bangalore

There are plenty of mental and physical benefits you and your partner can look forward to in receiving a body to body massage in the city. Some of these include but not limited to:

  1. Boosts your inner strength and stabilizes your emotional weaknesses

One of the benefits you and your partner are sure to get in opting for a body to body massage is the enhancement of inner strength and stabilizing of emotional weaknesses. Through this massage, it is possible to improve your social capabilities as well as eliminate physical disadvantages. All this can be made possible by letting off your insecurities, stopping shyness, and taking out negative thoughts from your mind.


  1. Strengthen your bones and muscles

The female to male body to body massage in Bangalore is the perfect act you can indulge in to strengthen your bones and muscles. Also, this massage is apt for refreshing your mind during and after the act. Body to body massage is also excellent for providing energy throughout the body and for awakening the senses.


  1. Beneficial to skin

Body to body massage helps in removing dead skin cells from the entire body. In a way, this also helps in improving the skin tone. The improved blood flow is largely responsible for the health and appearance of the skin. A proper massage will also help encourage regeneration of skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. Also, depending on the oil used for the massage, they can also provide moisturizing effects to the skin.


  1. Boosts immune system

Yes, you heard it right! A perfectly carried out body to body massage also helps boost your immune system. According to study, the massage helps stimulate the lymphatic system that will in turn help protect your immune system.


  1. Increased circulation

Almost all massage forms, including the body to body massage, help increase circulation by allowing nutrients and oxygen reach various organs and tissues. It is also known that massage helps control blood pressure. It is important to note here that you need assistance from a healthcare professional even if you continue receiving benefits from this massage, especially when you’re dealing with a particular medical condition.


  1. Stiffness and pain relief

If you experience pain and stiffness in your body then a female to male body to body massage in Bangalore should provide you some relief. The thing with the body to body massage is that during the process endorphins get released. These hormones act as a pain reliever. If you’ve been suffering from migraine attacks then this massage should also offer some help to you. Muscles that have been over worked or sore are able to relax and soften considering through massage.


Did you know that there are a variety of female to male body to body massage in Bangalore available to you? Visit any of the parlors nearby to your location and you’ll come across these varieties easily. Some of the most common massage forms include topless body to body massage, full nude body to body massage, full-service body to body massage, full-service body to body sandwich massage, etc.


All the above and many other body to body massage services you may come across in Bangalore are provided to you by experienced, friendly, and trained ladies who know how to work with your bodies to provide you experiences you were always after. When the soft palms of the girls make their way around your body, the experience you get to savor will be akin to heaven. Also, depending upon your choice, you can end the session in having a blowjob or intercourse with the masseur. And given that a vast majority of parlors in Bangalore give you the choice to pick a lady for a session, you’re sure to get the full value to your money!